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Print Marketing Is The Best Return On Investment

Average ROI $7.81 for $1 dollar spent per Nielsen Data Statistics

Mailboxes are more valuable than ever, because they are less cluttered spaces, compared to people's email inboxes.

Over 74% of Americans read or scan their mail.  This means the vast majority of recipients will see your direct marketing message, which is more than other mediums.


Merchants save up to 93% by using Vextster's customized Co-op marketing programs 

Direct Mail offers the highest ROI (Return on Investment), but it's not very affordable to many merchants. Vextster solves that challenge through Co-op marketing programs designed around your business initiatives.

Increase Your Outreach

When you buy a Vextster Promo Package your brand will be listed on a 6x11 Vextster with a QR Code to route people to your website or landing page.

Power In Numbers

Co-op marketing gives you the advantage to reduce the high-priced printing and postage cost by sharing the expense with other businesses. 

Cost Effective

Vextster offers world-class marketing solutions for pennies on the dollar, giving you the maximum ROI.

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Keep consumers engaged with cool promotional advertisements that drive traffic to your business.

Need help with designing your advertisements?  No problem... our graphic design team is on stand by ready to help you with your monthly promotions for FREE!

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Customized Company Boards Save Significant Money When You Co-op Market with Partners

Company Boards give your marketing strategy a customized 6x11 direct mailer, select your targeted areas, and share your mailers with other advertisers that complement your business.  Best of all, we can help you find the right partners to reduce your costs!

Advertise with other like minded people looking for affordable advertising avenues!

Wether you prefer to be the main advertisement on the whole page or participate with others on the direct mailer, we offer the best cost reduction plans available. Let us help you customize a direct mailing strategy to help your bottom line!

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